Master the Art of Visualization and Get What You Want in Life Now

Master the Art of Visualization and Get What You Want in Life Now

Do you know that through visualization, you can get what you want in life? Most of us are not aware that visualization is part of what we do every day.

Success in attaining your goals in life depends on how effective you are able to move an idea from your conscious mind to your subconscious mind. This is visualization. When you visualize something in your conscious mind especially the goals or dreams you want to reach – your subconscious is not aware that this image is not real. This is just your imagination working.

Remember our subconscious mind is an audience that captivated by the images we play in our mind. Powerful images evoke powerful response. Thus, visualization is an essential tool in getting what we want in life. The moment you make your subconscious believe that what you see in your mind is real and true, it will reshape its perception and will change the course of your actions.

Important Tips To Know About Visualization:

  1. Effective visualization only happens when you are clear on what your dream or desire is. You have to be specific with what you want. Instead of saying “I want to be rich” which is too general, you can narrow it down to “I want to make my first million in a year’s time.” Your dream or goal should be clear so that it is easy for the subconscious to see and accept.
  2. Create a vision board or write down your goals in a place where you will see it every day. Post images of things you want. You can post places where you want to travel or you can post pictures of the car or house you want to buy.
  3. Let go of your negative thoughts. Believe, act and talk as if are already living the life you have always wanted. One of the most common mistakes people make is constantly dwelling on the negative.  Constantly dwelling on the negative only creates the same repeatedly over and over again negative patterns.
  4. The act of visualization has been never effective if you harbor negative thoughts in your mind. There is no wrong way to visualize – you can do it whichever is easiest for you. What is important is when you are visualizing your desire, you have to do it with feeling. Put your whole body and mind into the visualization process taking deep slow breaths and visualizing your dream with feelings!
  5. Visualization can be done in many ways. When I visualized, I can actually, see, feel, taste, hear my dream.


Steps on How to Visualize What You Want in Life

  • Find a place where you are comfortable to sit and relax.
  • Close your eyes and gently take 3 long slow deep breaths — breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth.
  • Before you start your visualization, you need to be clear on what YOU truly dream or desire. Make sure that this is not what others want for you!
  • You may not “get it” the first time, it is ok, keep trying, relax your body into the meditation, keep breathing deeply.
  • As you breathe deeper and deeper, you can feel yourself deeply relaxed.
  • Visualize your heart’s desire. Imagine yourself already living a life with this desire. Imagine everything and everyone around you as you live this desire.
  • Note the emotions that you are experiencing while living this dream. Are you happy? Excited? Notice the colors around you. Make the scene in your mind as vivid as it can be.
  • Now that you have a vision/feeling/knowing of your heart’s desire,  I want you to enlarge that picture. Turn up the volume of the sound and make the image as bright as it can be.
  • Ask yourself whilst looking at this image you have in your mind: If I turned up the notch a little of my feelings, how would I feel? If I make the image bigger, how would I feel? ASK YOURSELF –  HOW WOULD I FEEL IF I HAVE EVERYTHING THAT I DESIRE?
  • It is important to let go of the outcome of the visualization. Once you complete this exercise, let go and drop the energy around the outcome.

Is there something you desire in your life? You can start thinking and creating the life you want through visualization. Remember, you alone are in the driver’s seat of your life so you must take full responsibility! We were all born with a wild imagination. Use it as many times as you want for as long as you want.

Visualization is a powerful tool you have so use it well to get what you want in life!



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Samantha Studebaker-Carl March 21, 2013 at 11:42 pm

Love this Helen!

I think one of the biggest things people have trouble with is letting go of negative feelings.

It is so easy to focus on what is happening right now in life vs visualizing what we truly want and working with all our efforts on attaining our goal.

I like how you talked about creating a vision board.
One of my favorite quotes…
“When in doubt, relax, contemplate your vision, renew your faith and increase your gratitude, believing that all you desire is on it’s way to you. ”

If you have a vision board, it makes it very easy to just glance over when you are feeling doubtful, remember your vision and imagine yourself experiencing those places, things, or people you want to share it with..


Helen March 22, 2013 at 1:07 am

Thank you Samantha for your wonderful comment. Yes, creating a vision board is the exciting part of visualizing your dreams. It makes so much difference if you can “see” what you are working for, isn’t it? It can certainly kick your doubts away!


kits October 15, 2013 at 5:29 pm

hi i liked what you trying to visualize my bf’s snap/face but am not able to do also not able to visualize that i have earned one million dollar.can you help


Helen October 15, 2013 at 7:30 pm

Hello Kits,
Thank you for taking the time in reading my post on visualization, I am pleased that you connected with this post.
There is a process of a few steps that you need to get an understanding of, to put it simply, once you apply those steps to bring things into alignment, visualizing will be a piece of cake!
For further information for the steps on How to Visualize, please contact me here.
Looking forward to hearing from you Kit!
Take Care
Helen Herfurth


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